Churches & Monasteries
agia_triada_1.jpgA priceless treasure in churches (over 300 Byzantine), mountain churches and important monasteries can be found scattered around the county of Chania. Here one can experience an unrepeatable religious experience or conduct research in relation to Byzantine art or religious architecture. Splendid churches with wonderful frescoes, partly by masters of Byzantine hagiography like I. Pagomenos, portray the importance of this place.
toixografia.jpgThe visitor can, among other things, visit the church of St. George in Komitades in Sfakia (1314), St. Nikolas in the convent of Selino (1315), the Archangel Michael in Kavalarian Kandanos (1328), the Mother of God in Kakodiki Selino (1332), the church of St. Nikolas in Kiriakoselia, the Rotonda in Episkopi in Kissamos, the Mother of God in Stylos (12th cent), the Royal church from the first Byzantine period in Sougia and many more.
Many important monasteries can be found in Chania. Some of them are the Holy Trinity of Tzagarolon and the Gouverneto in Akrotiri, the convent of Gonia in Kolymbari, the convent of Chrissoskalitissa near Elafonissi and the women's monastery of Chrissopigi in Mournies.